Sweet Sixteen Auto-5

There are two classic repeaters that we love; the Winchester Model 12 and the Browning Auto-5. Here is a late 1950’s minty Sweet 16. It is a gem.


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11 responses to “Sweet Sixteen Auto-5

  1. tedders

    Wow! That 16 is mint! Is it a light also?

  2. Not bad for a 53 year old gun. I wish I had held together that well! I believe it is considered a Light model. I think the “A” before the serial number may mean “light” 16. I am sure it means 16 gauge. I will look it up tonight in the Blue Book.

  3. Blake Williams

    Dr. Shawn,

    Love the blog!!!! I have a Browning A5, although it is a 12 gauge. It is a solid duck gun that my dad gave me and shows a few battle scars from chasing cripples in the woods before dogs! I only wish I could hit as well as my dad could – he did not miss many with that gun. He had a poly choke installed on it. I use it for pheasants in ND occasionaly.

  4. Johnny West

    That is a wonderful Sweet Sixteen you have. I have a ca. 1958 Light Twelve with Poly Choke that I use as a back up gun & have always desired a Sweet Sixteen but never seemed to find one when the time was right. I do have a ca. 1941 Model 12 Deluxe Field Gun 16 gauge in IC with a donut post ventilated rib and it is just a wonderful grouse and early season pheasant gun. Personally, I like the older guns best.



    • Thanks Johnny! That is a nice A-5, but unfortunately it is not mine. It belongs to one of my hunting pals. My favorite is that Model 12! Yours sounds just right.

  5. Nick

    I have a Sweet Sixteen in exactly the same condition. Mine doesn’t have a rib, just like yours, with the knurled finish on the top. What do you think they’re worth? Shot a lot of Mallards and Pheasants with mine!

  6. Tracy

    I have a sweet sixteen that belonged to my father as long as I can remember. I would love to learn something about it…. mostly how old it is. The Browning site doesn’t help as they could not all the different serial numbers for the Auto 5 and one other type of gun, of course, right. Anyway, I have been trying to date it by the SN. Hope you could help. There is a very small S above the number 53724. Does that tell you anything. It is so beautiful, I have loved that gun my entire life. Anything at all you could tell me about it will give me some history behind it.
    Thank you for your time.
    PS as I see you valued a similar gun in an earlier question, could you tell me if I should insure the gun. It is in fantastic shape, no etchings worn or scratches on it anywhere. Don’t think mint. But absolutely taken extreme care of treasured. Thank you again.

    • Hi Tracy, according to the Blue Book of Gun Values your gun was made in 1956. The S denotes that it is a lightweight “Sweet 16” as opposed to a standard weight gun. By the way the Blue Book of Gun Values is a terrific source of information and provides a reasonable estimate of value. It would be a good idea to insure it if you can. You have one of the greats, but if it were mine I would not hesitate to use it!

  7. Tracy

    Birdhunter, thank you for the info. I love using it.

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