Remembering Texas Quail

There was no Texas quail hunt this year for us. A 100 year drought, a new job and the bird dog up and dying kept us home. Here are a few pictures of the good old days.

Mike Wyatt – worlds greatest quail guide. If there are birds he will find them.


Not that long ago we would reliably push 20 coveys of wild birds every day of the hunt. The last time we made it down we averaged about 7.   Hopefully this is the trough of a terrible cycle and good times are ahead. Hopefully.

You can’t beat Texas cuisine –  chicken fried steak!!

There is no public land to speak of in Texas. These hunts are usually on working cattle ranches.


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9 responses to “Remembering Texas Quail

  1. Thanks for the memories… I too skipped out on my traditional Texas bird hunts this year. This is usually the prime month for me to spend down south!

  2. Cool stuff. Love the windmill b&w. Mind if I ask what software you’re using?

  3. birddogdoc

    Wish this draught would end! My best day in the Panhandle was 50 coveys between 2 groups of 3 guys each…peanut farm south of Amarillo. The Cimarron National Grassland can be unreal if it would just rain!

    Thanks for the memories…

  4. I just spent two more days in the panhandle and saw one covey on 8000 acres. Two trips this year and never raised my gun. Four coveys total. I don’t know how we get a speedy recovery with those kind of numbers. I like your blog also.

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