Colt’s Combat Commander

You don’t need to strap on a handgun to hunt birds but they sure are useful for dispatching porcupines or other vermin encountered in the field.  Sometimes hauling the extra weight in the field isn’t worth the trouble, but it is fun to pack some heat if you want to. We should enjoy that while this is still the good old United States of America.

The enduring Colt’s Model 1911 is one of the favorites. This configuration is the Combat Commander, just a bit shorter than the standard Government’s model. A beautifully made gun.










Galco’s excellent holster for the Commander


The Colt Commander is approved by Tex!


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7 responses to “Colt’s Combat Commander

  1. Johnny West

    I had one, a satin nickel finish, and sold it in a weak moment. I never found another but did get an Officer’s ACP in stainless so can’t complain. They are very nice.

  2. M. Piedt

    Beretta 96 Vertec Inox for the waterfowl. Way back in the North Unit it can be mighty lonesome. Beretta Cougar .40 for the chukar hunts.

    Great blog by the way, thanks.

    • Johnny West

      I’ve passed on the .38 Super as ammo was so much more expensive. Now it all is. I did buy a new S&W Walther PPK .380 in stainless and it’s my EDC for casual wear. I like it a lot. Recently I bought a 4″ Model 28 S&W from my wife’s girl friend so have the .38/.357 covered. It’s heavy after carrying the others. When bird hunting I prefer to not to carry so much weight, especially up on the chukar scab. JW

      • Love those PPKS! I had one that was stolen out of my vehicle. Thankfully that is the only gun I have lost that way. Your wife has cool girlfriends! I have a 28 and you are right it is a very heavy gun. Another I am considering is a Smith airweight in .38 Spl. – with a 2″ barrel so I will be sure to not hit what I am shooting at. Thanks to you guys for visiting!

      • Johnny West

        No, my wife’s GF is a man hating women’s libber and the model 28 was taken from her 1st husband when she left him back in the early 70’s. She sold it to me to get her money out of it as she espouses gun control. I tolerate her as my wife friend. I do have a 6″ 28, too.

  3. Good thing you liberated that 28 from her!! My 28″ is a 6″ as well and many times I have wished it was a 4. That was the first gun I ever purchased – way back in 1976.

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