White House on The Rail Line

I have seen a few of these one room, white cinder-block houses next to the railroad tracks in Colorado and Wyoming. No windows, a fireplace and a nice outhouse out back. Anyone know what they were built for? Maybe a shelter for rail workers or storage?



This lonely shack has stood for at least 60 years.




Few thresholds say “Welcome” like this one!




Someone blew the door off the hinges. Curious, as this is no where near Casa Bonita.

White House

Google Earth image. Is that an old railroad running behind it?


Windmill from a nearby homestead.


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3 responses to “White House on The Rail Line

  1. I’ve wondered the same thing. These buildings are all over the northern plains – Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska. All near the railroads.
    I hope someone can quench our thirst!

  2. byrdgirl

    GREAT pics!!!

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