Snake Avoidance Training

The only thing worse on a hunt than a snake-bit dog would be a face full of #6 shot. This morning Tex attended a “snake avoidance” event. We hope to hunt in Arizona soon and that state is chock full of Rattlesnakes. This training may save Tex’s life someday. DSC_1542 This is a Bullsnake. Looks like a Rattlesnake, acts like a Rattlesnake, smells like a Rattlesnake but his bite is harmless. The perfect surrogate to train a dog to stay away. DSC_1535 DSC_1519 Looking for snakes in all the right places. DSC_1507 DSC_1491 Hey, what’s that? DSC_1493 Looks interesting. DSC_1496 Hmm, smells like SPAM. I think I am gonna . . . DSC_1497 STRIKE – YOWEEE!!. The bite was harmless but at the same time Tex was hit with the shock collar. DSC_1499 Holy Crap! DSC_1500 Damn thee serpent! DSC_1501 Feet, don’t fail me now! DSC_1502 OK, lets go home. DSC_1556 A Gordon Setter gets trained. DSC_1467 Beautiful animal. Now Tex wants NOTHING to do with these critters, and that is a very good thing. I have a call into Samuel L Jackson for a better title for this post.


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8 responses to “Snake Avoidance Training

  1. Byrdgirl

    Great post. I wish we could fine snake avoidance training in my neck of the woods. LOVED the photos and captions. 🙂

  2. Sean

    Wish I could have made it yesterday morning, looks like Tex learned a serious lesson!

  3. Going on Sunday with three de-fanged and de-venomed rattlers. Hope it helps! The snakes are thick in Nevada this year.

  4. P

    Ben – love your blog. Glad we don’t see those critters up in Regent. The only bites we’ve experienced there have been Inka related. We’re already looking forward to November.

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