Sidelock & Boxlock

With time to kill over the holiday, I worked on some gun photography.  The challenge is managing light and reflection. This shot of a Spanish sidelock came out pretty good.


Taken with a Nikon D610, Nikkor 60mm f/2.8, 1.3 seconds, f/11, ISO 200


Italian Boxlock


The underside.


Ruger’s wonderful No. 1.


I did not take this one. This excellent shot of a Boss O/U is inspiration and is from “The Explora”, Westley Richard’s blog written by their Managing Director, Simon Clode. The photography on that site outstanding with lots of the soft lighting that makes these guns look so good. To see it click HERE.


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11 responses to “Sidelock & Boxlock

  1. These photos are not “pretty good,” they are amazing. Taking a firearm photo with no glare is impossible — but you did it. Excellent work. Beautiful shotguns and rifle, too.

    • Thanks Jerry! It is fun when it works, but rest assured that there is a big pile on the cutting room floor! Happy New Year to you and I look forward to your excellent writing in “Dispatches from a Northern Town”.

  2. Kirk Billings

    Well it just clicked into place for me. Thanks for clearly illustrating the difference between boxlock and sidelock shotguns…I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’ve had trouble figuring it out until now. And yes, the photos are amazing. Thanks again.

  3. Is that Nikkor 60mm a macro lens? I don’t know much about the Nikon world but the detail in that first photo is just so sharp. If it’s not a macro, tell me how you preserved the detail cropping and blowing it up.

    • Yes, that is the macro lens, here is the full name . . . AF-S Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8G ED. Also the full frame (FX) format sensor helps a bit, but these could have easily been taken with a DX or APS-C format camera. One thing I have found is that having good light really enhances the digital camera’s ability to capture detail.

  4. Hi. These photos are awesome, congratulations. I have been asked to shoot some similar photos here in the UK. I have my own portable lighting and black backdrop but I would love to hear exactly how you set the shot up, placed the lights etc. Any help would be awesome, thanks, Tom

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