Coronavirus Clays

When a pandemic strikes – grab a vintage Winchester Model 12 and go shoot some clays! This Model 12 skeet gun was made in 1946 (74 years old) and still smokes clay targets with authority. Today was picture perfect with sunny skies, a light breeze, and temps in the mid-40s. Crowds are thin with many sheltering on the couch. Stay well and wash your hands!


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4 responses to “Coronavirus Clays

  1. Wade Carrington

    Be safe, Birdhunter!

  2. DeanMk1

    Seeing that model 12 makes me want to dust off Dad’s JC Higgins Model 20 pop a few clays myself…I wonder if any of the local ranges are open? Probably not ( =( )
    Stay safe Birdhunter.

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