Destructive Innocence

This is Henry, our 10-week old Deutsch Kurzhaar (DK is German for German Shorthair Pointer). If you haven’t read the earlier post on these dogs, you can read it here. Henry came from the fine folks at Vom Gansehimmel in North Dakota. After 2 weeks with him, it is clear that he has the potential to be an outstanding bird dog. It is also clear that I forgot the exercise in patience and constant, diligent oversight that a puppy demands. Right now, in our house, one character is being shaped while the other is being tested! He is the sweetest little guy, but he will playfully rip your face off without a thought. Cute puppy stuff! Not to sound proud, but he is a strikingly handsome dog. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Can’t wait to hunt behind this boy!

Puppy bliss!

Henry presents us the opportunity to develop a well-trained, awesome bird dog from a clean slate. He came from quality breeders under the oversight of the DK club “Breed Warden.” Strong lineage with proven genetics should produce a dog with excellent traits and conformation. All we have to do is get him trained and not screw him up in the process!

Two weeks in, he knows his name along with the “kennel,” “sit,” and “no” commands. That Henry is a bright boy! We are working on “here” and “wait.” “Whoa” will come in a few weeks and then the retrieving commands after that. The big challenge so far has been getting him housebroken! He pees on the quarter-hour and poops on the half-hour. Mrs. Birdhunter is not too pleased with this situation! We will get it figured out, but pissing for this guy appears to be a subconscious act right now. He is getting better, though, and I am sure it will be fine.

That butt patch looks like the backside of a white-tailed cat to me.

We love sweet Henry!


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10 responses to “Destructive Innocence

  1. Look forward to his progress.

  2. Mark Rossow

    Ben; that is one beautiful puppy. He looks like a Mearns quail dog.


  3. Jerrold Johnson

    Henry will grow into those ears 😉

  4. Jesse Grimes

    He looks like a good natured tank! Quite a pup.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tedd

    Mrs. Birdhunter will end up loving him more than you!!

    Potty training will go by quickly and harmony will be restored to the Birdhunter Casa!!

    He is a fine looking hund, ja!

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