Henry at 4 Months

Our Deutsch Kurzhaar (German Shorthair), Henry, reached 4 months a few days ago. He is growing fast and has a wonderful demeaner. He takes life in stride. His training is going well. He knows wait, whoa, here, sit, off, leave it, no, and NO! DAMN IT! If a treat is involved he will actually execute these commands, unless he is in the coup shaking one of the hens like a rag doll. He is a good boy and I can’t wait to get him on game birds. Soon, I hope.

King Henry the First!

The joy of a stick!

Henry looks old in this shot. Possibly, he got into grandpa’s cough syrup last night.

This boy is getting big! 39.8 pounds at 4 months.

Chewing up that covid mask.

Let’s play ball!

Learning to drink from a squirt bottle. This is very convenient in the bird hunting field.

We are looking forward to a great summer with sweet Henry!


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2 responses to “Henry at 4 Months

  1. Good-looking pup. Excellent body conformation. Henry looks so serious in most of these photos, He will be a hard worker.

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