North Dakota Roosters

Hunting North Dakota in the middle of November can be a weather crap shoot. The week before we arrived the highs were in the teens with half a foot of snow on the ground but we lucked out with absolutely perfect weather. We had the blue skies behind this handsome rooster, highs in the upper 40’s and calm wind with an occasional light breeze for our four day hunt. There were plenty of birds but, as you would expect, the hunting is more challenging on these later hunts than what you find in October.  This hunt was a perfect introduction for Tex to wild birds. Each day he improved exponentially and by the last day he was working the wind and reliably sticking birds with solid points. At nine months old we are delighted with his performance.

Whack! Love those Federal Premium shot shells . . . . !

Raining feathers.

This was Tex’s first wild bird hunt. It was a milestone for him and hopefully the first of many hunts to come.

A solid performance by Tex included this staunch point. The resulting flush produced a picture perfect double on hard flying roosters.

Hunting in a sea of grass.

The Garbi 101.

Sharp Tailed Grouse.

Tex on point.

The team, less one who had to run his pup to the vet.

Happy Dog – Happy Hunter!

Why can’t we do this every day?


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6 responses to “North Dakota Roosters

  1. Byrdgirl

    Great post! Hope the MIA vet pup is doing ok?

    As an aside, I laughed out loud when I saw the shot bird pic. I was so sucked in to the first two photos in the pure beauty of the soaring phez then POW! Gotcha. Lol. Good shooting and Tex is looking as handsome as ever!

  2. Beauty of a blast shot on that third picture, been trying to get one like that for years!

  3. Michael

    Love hunting ND. Hunted there the third week of the season. Cold and windy. Got birds (Pheas, Sharpies & Huns), but had to work for the shot…wind had them flushing further out. Got to see friends 7 mont old female GSP lock up on her first “wild bird” point. Good stuff…a reminder of what vacations are for.

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