2013 North Dakota Pheasant Hunt

This year we enjoyed 2 great hunts in the Dakotas. This 2nd hunt is our standing hunt with Cannonball Company out of Regent, North Dakota. We always have a terrific time with these fine folks.




Planning the assault on a distant corn field.


Tex cruises down a corn row.


The guide watches the action.



HEN! We don’t shoot hens. This was almost a terrific picture!


This is what a pheasant killer looks like.




DSC_4707Tex prefers a light pilsner but gets only water while hunting.


Armas Garbi shotgun on a limit of birds.



Rush hour in Regent.





The corn harvest was underway during the hunt.


Handsome Tex! This is his 2nd hunting season.


A dusk rooster . . . or is it a hen?


Post hunt refreshment.


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11 responses to “2013 North Dakota Pheasant Hunt

  1. Alan Howell

    Great pictures! How much does Tex weigh now? Curious if he made it over 100 pounds. Looks like you had a great time out there. Thanks so much for posting.

    • Thanks! The dreary weather made the photography a bit more challenging but I find that if you take a bunch of pictures, some will come out OK. Tex topped out at 92 pounds but has leveled off at about 87. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. Wow your pictures man.. I know I’ve asked before but what is your camera set up? I’m still a rookie and am about to make the jump to a lower end SLR from my Canon G12, which I have “mastered” *COUGH!* most of it’s manuel capabilities.. Well not mastered, but it’s time to expand my horizons a bit.
    Beautiful state, I’d like to return with a shotgun someday. I just remember the constant headwind while pedalling across the prairie, almost cost me my sanity, or what was left at the time.
    And as always, if you ever head out west to Nevada, I’ll gladly take you out for some Great Basin chukar.

    • Hi Uncle Larry. Thanks for the compliment! I use a Nikon D7000 with a Nikon 16 – 85 lens. But you don’t need that camera to take these kind of pictures. Honestly, that G12 could have taken any of these pictures. Just carry it and take shit loads of pictures. You will always end up with some that will surprise you with how good they are. With experience you will see what is going to look good before you shoot and after a while your percentage of good vs crap will improve. Also, pretty much every picture gets some kind of editing. I use Nikon’s Capture NX2 software. I don’t have the patience (or wallet) to master Photoshop. Finally, I am not sure why you ask because the pictures on your blog are terrific! Red Legg’ed Devils is a popular stop on the internet surf.

      if I can ever get to Nevada I will take you up on a chukar hunt. Maybe we could do some helicopter hunting. . . .get dropped on the top and always hunt down hill. Like Heli-skiing but cooler.

  3. WyattW

    Ben, these just keep getting better and better! you are ready for the big leagues – get yourself published!

  4. sharptail

    That’s it damnit! We’re hunting the boys next season – period. Man, my season got away from me this year. I’m really sorry I didn’t arrange to connect with you. We’re going to get it done next year though.

  5. Let me know as soon as you have dates for Nodak next fall, and remind me of the details. I’m going for sure, and brining the canine posse!

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