Spring at the Dog Park

Tex begins his third spring romping at the dog park. He has that German Shorthair drive to run and swim like he is in a race. The park is the perfect place to let him burn up some pent-up energy and wear him out for a while. At 94 pounds, he is our big moose GSP.



Click on a photo below to see the gallery.


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3 responses to “Spring at the Dog Park

  1. Alan Howell

    I think Tex may have a chance at 94 pounds to pass my shorthair Mays who is 110 ponds.Yes,he is registered. I have not seen any GSP as big as mine but Tex may be the one. He looks to be having a blast at the dog park. Thanks for posting.

  2. A lot of dog is right! Occasionally we will throw a saddle on him and give the neighborhood kids a pony ride. Is it fun to watch him play with our other dog, Jack – a 10 lb Chihuahua – very funny stuff. I would love to see a picture of Alan’s at 110!

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