Missouri Turkey

We went to northern Missouri to hunt Eastern Turkeys last weekend. The weather was near perfect but the turkeys were not as plentiful as in years past and those that we did find were not very cooperative. Though not as successful as we would have liked, it was a very good time. The folks in Missouri are about as nice as you will find.


Locating gobblers.


A “date nail” in bridge timber, this one from 1930.


The view as you sit and call.


Hopes of dramatic pictures of strutting toms chasing hens in pastoral settings were never realized. This is what I got, a tom at 500 yards.


Click on a picture to scroll through the gallery below.


Chris 2

Chris kept this from being a skunk!





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4 responses to “Missouri Turkey

  1. Excellent photos. Feels like I’m there.

  2. Thanks, Jerry! The only thing missing are the ticks.

  3. birddogdoc

    Nice! How were the ticks? Ha

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