Two Pointers

Here are two wonderful dogs sharing a point that will never happen.

The dog in the back is Rio, a true hunting machine. She was the dog I learned to hunt with and was my hunting buddy for 6 years. We loved that dog but she was a tough animal to have in the house. At times, she was like a wild horse and did more than her fair share of damage. All things considered though, the mischief and cost were worth it. A good dog can get away with quite a lot.  Sadly, we lost her to cancer in November of 2011.

Tex, in the foreground, is the sweet boy who is with us now. He is a solid hunter (but not the maniac that Rio was) and is our beloved family dog. With Tex, we get the best of both worlds. Tex was born in February of 2012 so he never got to hunt with Rio. They would have made quite a team.

Hopefully this is a glimpse of heaven.



Tex enjoying a Belgian ale. We had to take his keys away.

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