Remington 1100

America’s work horse shotgun since 1963. Wikipedia says this is the best selling auto-loading shotgun in U.S. history, with over 4 million produced. My dad bought this 1100 skeet gun in the mid 1970’s. It is an excellent dove gun and not a bad specimen at 40 years old!














Tex approves of the 1100!


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6 responses to “Remington 1100

  1. Excellent photos. 1100 looks almost new. Has it been re-blued? Lots on memories tied up in the shotguns of our fathers.

    • Thanks Jerry, That is the original blue. Lots of closet time for this gun. Since I shoot mostly doubles, maybe it will still look this good in 30 years when my son gets it.

  2. I consider myself a doubles guy also, but every time I borrow my friend’s 1100 my scores go up dramatically (I swear they have an internal targeting system built in) and I start thinking dangerous thoughts.

    • Maybe it is the weight. Those guns are heavy compared to a nice double game gun. You should repent and stay away from thoughts of soul-less firepower and narrow sighting planes.

  3. Chuck

    Lot’s of memories tied to that gun! I remember you trying to teach me how to shoot trap in Ft. Worth gun club a few years back (quite a few years!). Seems like there may have been a cottonmouth or two in Cuero that met there demise with this particular gun as well! Glad to see you still have both it and the Model 12.

    • Hey Charles!! Yes, that was some 35+ years ago! All great memories for sure. Give me a call when you get a chance. The number I have for you aint working any more.

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