Bird Dog Barbed Wire Blues


Barbed wire fences are ubiquitous in most of the places we hunt. We try to keep the dogs away but occasionally one will bust through a fence, particularly if they think birds are on the other side. About all you can do is watch and hope everything turns out ok. Amazingly many times no harm is done, but sometimes it does not turn out so well . . .



Ouch! I think this is #3 in field wounds behind a gunshot and a mouth full of porcupine quills. Incredibly there is no complaining and the dog will often keep hunting like nothing has happened.


Man, this sucks. Tex hates the cone.

Good Boy.


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11 responses to “Bird Dog Barbed Wire Blues

  1. Alan Howell

    Good luck keeping that cone on. We had to put a flexable one on my large shorthair .He weighed in 116# at the vet. How many pounds is Tex now? Heal fast Tex.

  2. So far so good on the cone. Luckily Tex is not strong headed and just takes it. Tex is about 85 pounds now and I think that is where he will stay. Thanks Alan for the nice comment!

  3. Nasty-looking cut. Hope it is healing quickly. Tough dog.

  4. Thanks Jerry! He is going great. Staples come out next Saturday.

  5. Hmmm. Apparently the “no cone” approach didn’t work. Might help funnel bird scent as well.

    • The “no cone” approach resulted in a 2nd trip to the vet to have the staples redone after Tex removed the first set with his canines! Apparently he did not hear my stern command to leave the wound alone.

  6. tedd

    I feel your (Tex’s) pain.

  7. Kirk

    We all know dogs are better than us—at least Sporting Dogs….and specifically Bird Huntin’ Dogs—-So I broke my leg skiing for the 3rd time in my life last week , and I am considering quitting skiing —-do you think a Bird Huntin’ Dog would quit hunting because of an injury?
    I’m such a fat poodle lap dog I guess…..

    • We are all fat poodle lap dogs compared to the drive and heart of a good bird dog. I do think you made the right choice laying off the skiing until your broken leg heals. Remember, as great as they are dogs are not that good at making wise life decisions and sometimes they eat their own feces. Thanks for visiting!

  8. Jesse

    Been there and done that! Here is to a speedy recovery!

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