Reflected Dog

Tex takes a swim in a Texas stock pond during our annual dove hunt. The still morning gave us a pool of glass, reflecting a very happy puppy.

Tex loves to swim. This was very good therapy for his two new knees!

A great day for Tex!

Texas dove country.

Tex on the move.

My good friend with his father’s Auto-5 and a pocket full of cigars. He is also sporting the new line of Ralph Lauren bird hunting apparel.

A southern Colorado homestead. You don’t see many made of stone like this one.

Thousands of flies and no way to swat them! That must be hell for these cows.

Got Flies?

Soon your misery will be over and you will be a fajita!

On the drive to Texas, Tex and I dropped in on Kenton, Oklahoma. This little town in the panhandle is about as off the grid as you can get. Look it up on the map. This general store, the “Merc”, is closed for good. Sad, because I would love to have had a vanilla malt and shot the breeze with the locals. Though I am not really sure there are any locals. In the short time I spent touring the town, I did not see a single soul. It was a bit eerie.

In Kenton, Jesus IS lord! This is one of 3 congregations that the 17 residents can choose from. Though it does not look it, this “river of the living water” is still open for business. God bless these fine folks.

Past Kenton Residents.

Kenton Baptist Church.

Grass hopper carnage.

Tex is so ready to hunt! It was a long summer of rehab for him and we have high hopes for this bird season.


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6 responses to “Reflected Dog

  1. Great photos of your trip to dove country. Is the Ralph Lauren line of bird hunting apparel sold exclusively in Texas? 🙂 Best wishes for Tex’s rehab/recovery. Hope he has a best-ever bird season with you.

  2. Diane Calvert

    Reading this felt like going down memory lane. Great post. Left me a bit melancholy.
    Enjoy your season of hunting with sweet Tex. I’ll be looking forward to our next visit. D.

  3. Tedd

    The new Ralph Lauren bird hunting apparel didn’t do much for the hunt but I read somewhere that Paris Hilton says they’re hot …
    I wonder what that means …

    It was sooooo great to see you, Tex, Jim and everyone else. Great times.Just think what a better time we’d have had if some birds had decided to show up!!

    Great pics.Tex is a natural!! We’ll get ’em net year, right!! Maybe I’ll wear my Yves Saint Laurent game vest then!!

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