Preserve Bird Interlude

After a dove hunt in Texas and a long walk in a Wyoming prairie, we thought it would be fun to hit the local hunting preserve before the next season opens. Another reason to get on “bought” birds is that after those two out-of-state hunting trips I have yet to fire my gun! I can understand tough bird hunting in Wyoming, but no dove in Texas?!?! The bird forecast for the upcoming pheasant season in North Dakota is dismal as well, so this interlude was good for the dogs to be reminded what game birds smell like.

Appreciation of the good things in life is intensified by contrast.  These lean seasons give us reason to appreciate the seasons of abundance. So far this is a year of paying dues, hoping that we will be rewarded for our persistence. Happily we are old enough and wise enough to understand that the joy of the hunt is not a carcass count. The real satisfaction of bird hunting comes from the time afield with our friends and our dogs . . . but a covey flush every now and then would be nice!

Tex on a serious point!

Roux, also on a serious point!

Discussing the finer points of points.

Diamond plate still life of dead birds.

The kids always make the hunts more fun!

Dad paying attention to the things that matter.

Wonderful intensity. The dog doing what he was intended to do. Working with a bird dog as he performs to his instinct is a great joy of bird hunting.

This puppy strikes a pretty point!

A fine bunch of young men! It will be a delight to watch these boys in the coming years as they become the next generation of bird hunters.

We had the pleasure to hunt with Elsa, a small Münsterländer pointer.

GPS collar . . .check; Correction collar . . . check; Bark collar . . . check; Dog tag collar . . . check; Flea collar . . . check!

Pretty dog!

This versatile hunting dog is well trained and obediently brings birds to hand.

Retrieve?!?! I thought I was supposed to chomp on them until you chase me with a stick!

The end of a beautiful Colorado morning chasing birds.

Area windmill.


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6 responses to “Preserve Bird Interlude

  1. “These lean seasons give us reason to appreciate the seasons of abundance.” Well-state bit of wisdom for all bird hunters to ponder on slow days. Excellent photos, and great to see the youngsters experiencing and learning the art and science of bird hunting. Good luck on your Dakota bird hunt.

  2. Tedd

    Great pics, as usual!!

  3. Grant Cannatella

    Great pics and great folks on that bird hunt!

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