Bird Hunting Update

So far, this hunting season has been fun but a bit challenging! A near birdless hunt in Wyoming, some preserve hunts thrown in for fun and then slim pickings on Kansas public land. We had high hopes for the Kansas hunt because the talk was that this could be a good year. The local biologist proclaimed that we would see “a covey of bob-whites per hour”. I knew that was optimistic but having the local state-employed biologist make that pronouncement seemed a pretty good omen.  One expert we ran into at the local Kansas donut shop said it was back to “pre-drought bird counts” and that too sounded like a good thing. Not to get melodramatic but 10+ hours of hunting through some of the most perfect habitat imaginable yielded a mere 2 coveys of quail. Two sweet bobs were taken, enough for a small appetizer. Anyway, we hunt with a terrific group of guys and always have a great time but the bird tide has got to turn. And I am sure it will! We have some great hunts on the calendar and this season is far from over. I did get some good photog and below are the pics . . .

Tex has his game face on!

Mouthful of feathers!

Here, have some water in your face! Ha Ha.

Preserve chukar.

Strolling down a two-track.

Peaceful, perfect, empty quail habitat.

Kansas WIHA – Walk In Hunter Access.

Wyatt & Oak

Tex is looking good and healthy

Clearly an optical illusion that the hunter appears to be on that side of the sign.

Sweet Tex licking his chops

The largest damn squirrel I have ever seen!


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6 responses to “Bird Hunting Update

  1. Exactly like our Over The Hill Gang bird hunt in Kansas, Nebraska hunt was slim pickings, too. Something is devastating gallinaceous bird populations across 10 prairie states. West Nile virus?
    Good photos.

    • Thanks Jerry! I hate to say that I am glad to hear that your experience was similar to ours. I guess misery loves company! Also because one trusted source told me they pushed 80 coveys in 3 days!?! That kind of info shakes one’s confidence, given what we experienced. Makes me wonder if I should take a class or buy a book, or take up some other sport . . . maybe synchronized swimming or darts? NAAHHH! Anyway, thanks for visiting!

  2. terry potter

    Great photos. Sad about the lack of birds. And frustrating. Terry

  3. DeanMk1

    Another great group of shots.
    Beautiful country you guys hunt in.
    Sorry you keep getting skunked, though. That’s get’s old pretty fast.
    I was just talking to someone about the Pheasant hunting up here in Washington State and I guess the pheasant population is booming up here right now.
    …I think you’re pretty far away, but if you can make the trip, it might be worth your while.
    Anyway, always great to see another of your posts. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. =)

    • Thanks Dean! I would love to hunt Washington but it is not in the cards right now. I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the season. Thanks for visiting the Birdhunter, I always appreciate your excellent comments!

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