Colorado Fall Colors

This year, the fall colors in Colorado were spectacular and lasted a bit longer than usual. The dry, cool fall days promoted rich colors that lasted weeks instead of days as we sometimes see when it is wet and windy. Most of these pictures were taken outside of Aspen, Colorado on a drive down Castle Creek Road. With this beautiful color, it really doesn’t matter what kind of camera equipment you have. You only need to worry about the light and composition. I hope you enjoy these shots!

This is part of the ghost town, Ashcroft, that is on Castle Creek Rd.

This poor bear was in a tree in downtown Aspen! This is the second time we have experienced a bear trapped in a tree outside of one of Aspen’s many 5-star restaurants. This always attracts a crowd of urban idiots gawking and snapping pictures . . . including me.

We really enjoy the charm of Aspen but, if you are looking for douchebag attire, this is the place to be! This is an ill-fitting, ridiculous baseball cap for only $200.


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2 responses to “Colorado Fall Colors

  1. DeanMk1

    Beautiful pictures.
    Colorado really is a little slice of heaven, especially this time of year….but….am I the only one who is reminded of the final shootout scene from the John Wayne movie, True Grit?
    Lastly, your bear picture reminds me of a joke I heard when I was a kid. Although the joke was about Elephant’s, I’ll substitute bears here, to keep things more in context……Why do bears paint their toe nails red? So they can hide in the cherry tree. =)
    Thanks for the pics. They’re wonderful. -b

    • Thanks Dean! I always think of that scene! Lucky Ned Pepper was not so lucky that day! One of the top 3 westerns of all time IMHO. I miss John Wayne. I think that joke works better with elephants because they can’t climb a cherry tree. Thanks for the compliment and thank you for visiting.

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