Pointers at the Preserve

The hunting preserve is sometimes close enough to the real thing. The dogs certainly love the day, and that really is the point, if you will forgive the pun. The wild bird season is over now; not nearly enough time in the field for either puppies or hunters, so this is a lovely morning in a 20 mph batting cage hitting nothing but home runs! These pictures are from two hunts, one at The Bluffs and the other at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club, both in Colorado.

Henry is two years old now, and we look forward to his 3rd season. God willing, it will be another wonderful time of wandering the Great Plains and stumbling through the desert with hardly a care.

I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Henry is backing a point. He does this so well. It was never taught to him, I don’t even know how you would teach that. It is another testimony to his excellent breeding.

Dodger always nails ’em! An exceptional bird dog.

Bird in hand.


Sweet Henry. My best dog ever.

A solid point. The chance of a bird being in that bush is 99.3%

Make that 100%!

Serious point.

Mr. Chukar.

Thank you for visiting the Birdhunter!


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4 responses to “Pointers at the Preserve

  1. Wonderful glad he is doing well and hunting

  2. Jesse

    Nice pics.
    As we say, the dogs don’t care it is a preserve!
    Thanks for sharing.

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