Southwestern Quail Hunt

We ended our bird hunting season with a three-day Arizona Mearns hunt with the great guys at Double Aero Guides and then two days on our own on New Mexico public land. This season seems to have ended about the time it began. We had hoped to return to Wyoming, but it was ridiculously cold for weeks and weeks. So down to the warmth of Arizona we went, only to find snow and freezing temps! But it was no problem; the dogs loved it and we had a great hunt. The best quail hunt in years. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Elsa and Milo stretch their legs on New Mexico public land.

Beautiful Elsa, a Small Munsterlander, is a bird hunter’s dream. Smart, methodical, driven, obedient, and calm. I love hunting with this dog!

Steely-eyed Henry in Arizona. He began his Mearns education this year! He found that those are tough birds to hunt, mainly because they are hard to scent. But he did taste success and is looking forward to doing it again next year.

Little Tanner, a 4-month-old French Brittany, is as cute as a puppy can be!

Bird guide John. A great guy (with great dogs!) to hunt with.

Female Mearns quail.

Andrew’s sweet 100-year-old Fox Sterlingworth.

USA on the left. Old Mexico on the right.

Milo, on the prowl. This dog has no shortage of drive and energy.

Post-hunt check over.

Bird to hand. Andrew’s Small Munsterlanders are outstanding bird dogs.

Between thorny bushes and dog bites, my hand modeling days appear to be over!

Tough plants in tough country!

A Gambel’s quail in Bobbe’s hand. She poses with one of her wonderful Munsterlanders.

The Rio Grande River

Tough country! Great bird hunting!

No what?

Obligatory dead bird picture. We did well on the numbers this year.

My hunting pal, Henry. Love this dog!!

Bird hunting is tough on the equipment! But we take some pride in well-worn tools, evidence that we got out there and gave it our best. Granted, this Nikon is a bit beyond “well-worn!”

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