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Southwestern Quail Hunt

We ended our bird hunting season with a three-day Arizona Mearns hunt with the great guys at Double Aero Guides and then two days on our own on New Mexico public land. This season seems to have ended about the time it began. We had hoped to return to Wyoming, but it was ridiculously cold for weeks and weeks. So down to the warmth of Arizona we went, only to find snow and freezing temps! But it was no problem; the dogs loved it and we had a great hunt. The best quail hunt in years. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Arizona Mearns Quail

Back in 1999, my pals and I hired an Arizona quail guide to give bird hunting over pointing dogs a try.  We found a guy named Bob Krogh out of Phoenix, an excellent guide and dog handler. Back then, he charged us $250 per day for the hunt. Man, I sure miss those days!  We watched Bob work his excellent English Pointers and experienced the magic of these motivated, hard-driven dogs as they worked the land, sifting the air for scent and then transforming from a blur of energy into living statues. We would then witness the heart-pounding covey flush of little feathered rockets! It is hard to describe how intense and exhilarating it is. This hunt was a pivotal event for me. I have been enthusiastically pursuing wild birds ever since. It holds all the best elements of the sporting life – camaraderie, beautiful dogs, fine shotguns, and skills to be learned in awesome, wild places. On that hunt, I clearly remember thinking . . . “Man, THIS is what I want to do!! It is nice to find that in life.

An Arizona quail hunt over two decades ago.

Finally, after a 21-year wait, I had the great fortune to return to Arizona for a guided quail hunt with the wonderful gentlemen from Classic Bird Hunts. This Orvis endorsed outfit operates out of the Babacomari Ranch just southeast of Sonoita. This is a terrific hunt, in the most beautiful country, with great dogs, perfect accommodations and excellent guides. We really enjoyed this hunt partly because it is not elitist or opulent (but very nice!). You hunt hard every day because it is real bird hunting at the mercy of luck and Mother Nature. For sure, at the end of the hunting day you will savor getting out of your boots and the post-hunt cocktail! Learn more about them HERE.

A beautiful Mearns quail and the good old Armas Garbi 101 bird gun.

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