Quail & Gun

Wild west Texas Bobs and the Garbi shotgun. The title sounds like a magazine I’d like to get.


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2 responses to “Quail & Gun

  1. tedders

    “The title sounds like a magazine I’d like to get.”

    Here’s one that I subscribe to that you may like, it’s a bit more lifestyle than just guns and sport but my wife loves it too, as any southerner would I think. There’s usually at least one hunting and or gun article and almost always a great dog story in each edition. The food articles and recipes are pure decadence and are alone worth the price imho!! I like it so much and think you would that I’ll even spring for the first years subscription if you’d like! Let me know your address and I’ll do the rest if you’d like.


    best regards,

    Teddy Jay

  2. Look forward to reading your post!


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