Wild Quail . . . Finally!

The biblical drought that tormented the western quail country for the past decade has subsided for now. The moisture provided the basic life elements (water, plants and bugs) allowing the quail to return to areas where they seemingly were gone forever. This is a wonderful testimony to nature’s amazing ability to recover when given a chance. We took advantage of the bird rebound with an end of season hunt.


A beautiful cock and hen


Windmill fed stock tank.


Warm January weather called for a dip in the stock tank.


A bird in mouth is worth 2 in the bush!


English Setter Dodger


Incredible sunrise.


Peaceful sunset


The good thing about hunting in January is that all the snakes are in their dens. . . . . except this one. We are very glad that it was a Ford F-150 that ran into this rattle snake and not one of the puppies!



Tex loves the quail hunt!






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15 responses to “Wild Quail . . . Finally!

  1. Great photos of a great hunt. You photos are always amazing. I miss quail hunting. Maybe there will be one more in my time before the clock strokes 12.

  2. Hi Jerry, thanks for the compliment. I hope you get on them more than once more!

  3. Justin

    Beautiful Photos. Wild quail are incredibly special.

  4. Tedd

    What an experience. Great photos. Keep ’em coming!!

  5. Robert

    Nice photos. I just got back from hunting the Texas panhandle for 2 weeks. I had a question about the rattlesnake. Were you in south Texas?

    • Hi Robert, that snake was not in Texas. I hear the quail hunting down there was awesome this year. What is your question about that snake? I did not get to know him very well before he went to viper heaven.

  6. Robert

    Just curious about the time of year and location. Texas hunting was excellent. I always worry about my dogs and those snakes. Didn’t see any though.

    • Well north of Texas, last weekend. I was really shocked to see one of these at this time of year. Tex (my giant GSP) is snake trained to stay away from these things but I am glad that we did not put his training to the test. I would love to get back to Texas again. My awesome Texas quail guide is just too expensive for me right now.

  7. birddogdoc

    Wonderful photos!! Wow

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